How To Get Your Home Renovations Done Without Creating A Huge Mess For Yourself?

Does the thought of renovations scare you? Perhaps it is thinking about the expenses, perhaps it’s thinking about the mess; perhaps even a combination of the two! But ignoring it and putting it off doesn’t mean it’s going to go away; in fact, in some situations, certain renovations only get more complicated the longer you wait to get it done. So here are a few tips to help you get your renovations down without creating a bigger mess for yourself…

  • Figure out if it’s a job that can be done by yourself; or professionals – first, figure out if this home renovation is something you can handle yourself, or if it’s better to call in a professional for the job. You might feel hiring home builders Tarneit can get expensive; but if you mess up and create a bigger renovation, it will only cost you more when you have to call them in to handle the situation.
    • Isolating the area which is under construction – even if you have hired the best builders in your locality, some renovations cannot be done without making a mess. The best thing you can do in a situation like this is trying to isolate the area under construction. Ask your builders to use plastic dust containment walls to keep the dust in; as most of them won’t do so unless asked. While it may not keep all the dust away from the rest of your home, it will certainly help a lot.
      • Seeing to the health of your family – do you have a pregnant woman in your home? what about someone who has asthma or other breathing problems? If you do, it might be a better idea to move them to a cleaner place temporarily. The fumes from the paints and thinners can make some pregnant women really uncomfortable, while the dust can make the asthma patients sick as well. Make sure you have moved them before you start the renovations.
        • Removing your prized possessions and protecting your furniture – despite all the measures you are taking, are you worried about the dust destroying prized paintings or delicate furniture pieces? If so, consider moving them (along with other valuable like jewelry) until the renovations are done. Move all your furniture to one room, cover it up with plastic sheets, and seal the room; only opening it once you’re sure all the dust is gone.
          • Having a working cleanup plan – if you are living in your house while it is being renovated, chances are that you’ll go crazy having to live in the dust. So make a working cleanup plan. Plan a separate entry and exit from the renovation area so the dust caught up on shoes doesn’t spread to the rest of your home. Ask the professionals to do a cursory cleaning at least at the end of every work day; which you will do over. This way, once the renovation is complete, you’ll have less mess to deal with.